This is some of the propaganda sent out by the "dove" and the "white knights"

[[doveofo] NESARA NOW or Else
May 23, 2003   2:46 p.m. PDT

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

One of my personal missions is to do EVERYTHING in my power to make
certain the Illuminati/dark agenda death-hold on Earth Humans and Earth is
ended at the soonest possible moment.  NESARA is a divine tool which has
all the elements necessary to enable the elimination of the Illuminati

NESARA is supposed to be announced today; all the resources and power
necessary to make NESARA's announcement happen are available and ready.
Yet, I am still hearing that some who are supposed to be making the NESARA
announcement happen are not fully determined to do it immediately (today)
as they had promised they would.  These ones responsible for taking action
keep thinking there will be a better time and they are reluctant to use
all the resources available to ensure NESARA is announced.  They keep
thinking another time will be better. BUT the WAKE-UP CALLS we have seen
are messages telling them that WAITING for a better time is making things
WORSE, not better!

NESARA is a divine tool which has been developed by Earth Humans with
inspiration from the Ascended Masters and benevolent Forces.  Because
NESARA was developed by Earth Humans, it is the BEST option we have today
to create uplifting transformations for all Earth Humans and planet Earth.
 It is more empowering to all Earth Humans to have the great uplifting
transformations initiated by NESARA and Earth Humans rather than by
outside groups.

For many thousands of years, it was thought that benevolent Forces under
the command of Ascended Masters were going to do "rescue missions".  It
was believed that the Earth Humans would get themselves into a situation
of destroying the Earth and themselves; it was feared Earth Humans would
not have the wisdom or courage or resources to get themselves out of this
destructive situation which was being caused by the Illuminati.  It was
believed by SOME of the Ascended Masters and benevolent Forces that the
only way to save Earth Humans from destroying themselves was to launch a
"rescue mission" in which Earth Humans would be evacuated from the planet.

This "rescue mission" approach was the OLD plan and one which does NOT
EMPOWER Earth Humans or give Earth Humans any opportunities for becoming
self-actualized, self-transcendent higher beings.  If Earth Humans had to
be "rescued", they  would remain "children" in the cosmic sense who would
fail to achieve their true potentials of higher wisdom, love, and Christ

However, the Source of All That Is does not support a rescue mission as
the solution to current crisis of the Illuminati's imposition of war,
pain, and enslavement of Earth Humans.  The Source of All That Is
recognizes that Earth Humans are great divine spirits who are needing to
awaken from their ignorance and BECOME EMPOWERED by personally carrying
out great uplifting transformations of life on Earth.  Some Ascended
Masters and benevolent Forces are here to support Earth Humans BECOMING
the divinely wise and empowered Beings of Christ Consciousness which Earth
Humans have the ability to become. 

In the last hundred years, there have been Special People born on planet
Earth who have dedicated their lives to developing ways that Earth Humans
can "rescue" themselves from the terrible thousands of years of darkness
imposed by the dark agenda/Illuminati hybrid earth humans and their
Draconian masters.  Some of these Special People have contributed to
developing NESARA and the ripple effects of NESARA which very effectively
eliminate great amounts of the Illuminati's power.  Because these Special
People took action here on planet Earth, now the majority of Ascended
Masters and benevolent Forces wish to support Earth Humans in BECOMING
EMPOWERED by getting NESARA announced.  Earth Humans MUST CEASE to be
"children" who need to be rescued and controlled; Earth Humans must become
adults who take responsibility for cleaning up all the problems on Earth.

We are at a cross-roads:  the limbo state of having NESARA's announcement
within sight but not announced, is no longer acceptable.   The limbo state
MUST END:  NESARA must be announced NOW! 

I wrote on Wednesday that unless NESARA is announced immediately, there
will be very severe situations allowed to occur on Earth and in the U.S.
The explosion at Yale Law School on May 21st was a TINY warning - a tiny
WAKE-UP CALL - compared to what will be allowed to occur.  On May 21st,
lives were spared.  However if NESARA fails to be announced in the next
few days, the protection will be removed and horrendous new attacks
ordered by the Bush gang will be allowed to occur in the U.S. 

I remind the White Knights, the World Court, the Ascended Masters, and the
benevolent Forces that 18 MONTHS AGO on November 9, 2001, I wrote:
"I say to the White Knights:  NESARA MUST BE announced by or on
11/11/2001!!!!  I have given the White Knight intelligence groups ALL the
reasons WHY there needs to be IMMEDIATE announcement(s) of NESARA."

The White Knights did not do NESARA by 11/11/2001 and as a result another
Bush gang ordered attack WAS ALLOWED to happen on 11/12/2001 when a plane
crashed into the
Queens area of New York City.  The 11/12/2001 attack was another Bush gang
ordered terrorist attack although the White Knights were able to keep it
from being reported in the media as a terrorist attack.

The White Knights, the World Court, the Ascended Masters, and the
benevolent Forces ALL have a part to play and responsibility in ensuring
that the U.S. and world are free of any further terrorist attacks and free
of war, free of being infected by government-developed viruses, and much

How many WAKE-UP CALLS does it take before NESARA gets announced?  We had
the 9/11 attacks, we had 11/12/2001 plane crash, we had the attacks on
Afghanistan, we had the attacks on Iraq, we had the attacks on the
American compound in Saudi Arabia, we had the Yale Law School explosion.
The next WAKE-UP CALLS could be as horrendous as Hiroshima and there could
be multiple wake-up calls in one day - in the U.S.!   These WAKE-UP CALLS
are to make Earth Humans realize that things will get MUCH WORSE unless
NESARA is announced immediately! 

On behalf of all Earth Humans, I say to the White Knights, the World
Court, the Ascended Masters, and the benevolent Forces:  We need NESARA
announced NOW!  YOU will be responsible for tens of thousands of deaths
and massive damage unless you get NESARA announced NOW!  We need NESARA
announced immediately!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness

Source Gives Wake-Up Call Boost for NESARA Announcement!
May 21, 2003  5:57 p.m. PDT

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Today we have seen direct Divine Intervention to ensure that Earth Humans
and all involved are successfully implementing NESARA and initiating the
shift into the Golden Age immediately.  Today's explosion in the Yale Law
School mailroom was a WAKE-UP CALL from the Source of All That Is to the
White Knights, the World Court Judges, the Ascended Masters, and the
benevolent Forces.

Let me explain why the Source of All That Is has taken direct action here
on Planet Earth.  As it is currently arranged, in the year 2012 a minimum
of 75% of Earth Humans must be living their lives according to higher
understandings at least 80% of the time.  These higher understandings
center around unconditional love, lack of judgment, and Earth Humans being
self-actualized, spiritually self-transcendent people. 

Under the current criteria, we must have a collective of Earth Humans
living their lives according to these higher understandings in order for
Earth Humans and the Earth herself to make the Multi-verses' DIMENSIONAL
LEAP in 2012.  The DIMENSIONAL LEAP is occurring in all the Multi-verses
of the Free Will Experience, and Earth and this Universe will be left
behind unless Earth Humans have attained the necessary spiritual growth by
December 2012.  The Source of All That Is sets the criteria and the timing
for these extremely rare and extremely important Dimensional Leaps. 

Planet Earth plays a very big role in whether this Universe makes the
Dimensional Leap in 2012.  This means that Earth Humans must take action
in many ways (by eliminating those standing in the way...true Christians) to ensure the collective of Earth Humans reaches the required
levels of spiritual growth.  This is why the Ascended Masters, who were
once Earth Humans (Annunki, Nephilim, not exactly "human") and mastered (they were thrown out of heaven, what exactly did they master?) these same spiritual growth challenges
Themselves, are here ready to be introduced and educate us on how to be
successful (you mean how to spend eternity in hell for turning their backs on Jesus)

Several times in the last two years the Source of All That Is has directly
intervened.  Each time, this intervention has been in the form of a
WAKE-UP call.  The first major WAKE-UP call was for Earth Humans on
9/11/2001 and this was also a direct wake-up call for the White Knights.
The Ascended Masters and benevolent Forces have more than enough power and
resources to stop such things as the 9/11 attacks and they have
neutralized such dark agenda actions many times.  However, on 9/11, the
Source of All That Is intervened and commanded that the 9/11 attacks be
allowed to proceed in hopes of causing Earth Humans to dramatically awaken
and open their hearts and minds. 

There was a partial awakening of Earth Humans and the White Knights after
9/11.  Some of those White Knights who were betraying us were removed. 

There have been a few more minor wake-up calls for specific groups since
9/11.  However, the Bush gang's attacks on Iraq were another wake-up call
for all Earth Humans; anyone with a loving heart and open eyes cannot
ignore the Bush gang's use of U.S. military to massacre Iraqi's for Bush
gang's personal oil profits.  When the White Knights in charge FAILED to
get NESARA announced in March, the Bush gang's attacks on Iraq were
allowed to go forward by the Ascended Masters and benevolent Forces.  Too
few Earth Humans had awakened to the truth.  The attacks on Iraq are so
recent that when the truth comes out, it will shock the majority of Earth
Humans into dropping their self-serving denial and ignorance. 

Then we saw another wake-up call for Earth Humans and the White Knights
when the attack on Americans in the Saudi Arabia compound was allowed by
the Ascended Masters and the benevolent Forces.  This was just a few weeks
after the Bush gang's attacks on the innocent Iraqi people.  Again, it was
hoped the deaths and injuries would act as a prod to the World Court
Judges and the White Knights to SPEED UP and improve their actions and get
NESARA announced.  Some take-action White Knights heard the wake-up call
and independently worked hard to get NESARA announced.

Today's wake-up call (the explosion in the mailroom of the Yale Law
School) was a direct intervention by the Source of All That Is meant to
spur the Ascended Masters, the benevolent Forces, the World Court Judges,
and the White Knights to get NESARA announced NOW! 

NESARA should have been announced yesterday; this was the plan.  Today's
wake-up call is divine feedback that the decisions made yesterday to
postpone NESARA even a few days were the wrong decisions. 

Unless NESARA is announced immediately, there will be MORE wake-up calls
VERY SOON which will be much worse than today's.

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NESARA is a DIVINE TOOL for initiating uplifting transformations on Earth
enabling   Earth Humans to attain their higher potentials and personal and
spiritual growth which are so necessary to Earth Humans and Earth
achieving the Dimensional Leap.

I know some of the White Knights and World Court Judges do not really
understand the Dimensional Leap of 2012 - it's not "real" for them.
However, there are many people on Earth whose hearts inform them everyday
that we must begin making great strides forward to achieve this Great

We MUST HAVE the true NESARA law announced NOW!  The divine message is
loud and clear:  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness

The term "White Knights" is borrowed from the Wall Street Journal and the
world of big business hostile takeovers when a vulnerable company is
"rescued from a hostile takeover by a White Knight" corporation or wealthy
person.  Certainly, these people fighting to bring Americans and the world
the benefits of NESARA and to rescue our people from government and
banking fraud deserve to be called "White Knights".  World Court is the
International Court of Justice in the city called The Hague, in the