Toronto Blessing
Numbers 15:29

A den of wolves, thieves and devils. Prophets of Satan who mock and make a mockery of the Most High God and His Holiness with their own perverted, Satanic lust, love and alignment with Satan and the Antichrist.  It is not God who resides at the Vineyard, Toronto Blessing, but Satan. The Beast Himself is in the midst, within, and inside this church. The Founder and Builder, was a Charlatan, an Imposter, a Crook,  an Unholy Legman and Messenger of Satan's and the Antichrist. The Beast Prophets of Toronto Blessing will lead a deceitful declaration that the Antichrist is God and encourage the acceptance of the  mark and chip of the Beast. Meanwhile, do God's people catch on to this charade? No. The Bible describes those involved with or following after this Toronto Blessing as brainless and heading into their own ruination and destruction.

Prophets From Horus (Satan, Antichrist)

Mock - Mockery - Unholy - Wicked - Sinful - Blasphemy - Horus (Satan, Antichrist)- Beast - Within - Inside - Midst

Curse - Yahweh - Lord - Sinful
 Wicked - Unholy 

Founder -Builder - Charlatan - Faker - Crook - Imposter - Fraud - Scoundrel - Unholy - Messenger - Legman - Agent - Horus 

Mark - Chip - Satan - Alignment - Leading - Declaration - Horus (Satan, Antichrist) - Messiah - Deliverer - Deceit - Fraud 

Brethren (of the ) Lord - Yahweh - Wreckage - Ruination - Destruction - Brainless


Need more info? I don't know about everything on this site as I haven't gone through it, but this info on the Toronto Blessing hit it on the head as far as accuracy..

There's also a video tape called "The Toronto Blessing" and it's one of the best exposes I've ever seen of just taking things in slow motion, during actual services, and you can hear them calling on Satan to Bless the Service. It's chilling, and an eye opener on how speaking in tongues can be perverted and used to disguise and mask wickedness and evil.