Orgone As A Self Defense Weapon
by Sherry Shriner

     Chemtrails, Microwave Weapons, ELF, Psychotronics, Aliens, Demons, the attacks against mankind never stop.

     When I first started looking for ways to tear down the strongholds of hell and the NWO, which is almost synonymous anymore, the Most High God led me into orgone.

      What is orgone? It's a natural earth cleanser, healer, and positive energy source. In the last days the Bible says God's people will do exploits, and I know without a doubt this is one of them.

     Relatively unknown, the use of orgone is gaining recognition for it's ability to fight against and dissipate chemtrails. It also stops black project tower attacks, such as ELF (extremely low frequency attacks) and I've personally noticed it will keep remote viewers, aliens, and demons away from your house or yard. I've even noticed bad thunderstorms moving in the area that wreaked havoc on other areas start to dissipate by the time they reached outlying areas I had placed orgone in.

     The orgone, made correctly, even has the ability to suffocate and asphyxiate evil. Evil can't breathe where there is orgone. I've not only seen the abrupt stop of entities coming in or near my home, but found the use of orgone in the Bible Codes as well. As I decoded Orgone I learned that it is definately a protection device in these last days so we need to arm ourselves or get clobbered and under attack.

     Sure, a believer in Yahweh can rebuke evil, but if you're tired of doing it all day every day you'll eventually learn how to arm yourself with protection against it as He showed me. This will keep it away from you to begin with so you don't have to constantly go into spiritual warfare against the dark side.

     The orgone gets absorbed into the atmosphere and will dissipate the poisons from chemtrails and keep them away from your area. And since the Annunaki are returning to conquer the earth, it will serve as a deterrent to them as well and keep them from making your town, city, neighborhood or home their stomping ground as well.

    Commonly referred to as tower busters, I changed the initial design of them and found a lot more effective uses for them as a result. Since the New Age crowd is adamant on making them the wrong way and using them to attract evil, I changed the name of them to reflect that it's simply not the same product or producing the same affects with the way I make mine. I would suggest not only putting these orgone blasters around your yard, but around your neighborhood, town, and city as well.

     If you're a patriot or Christian and you want to fight against the evil being targeted against us in these last days, and even moreso to come, then get involved now and start doing something to protect yourself, your family, your neighborhood and this country. Start kicking NWO butt! All of these black projects are designed to make you sick and kill you. In the last days chemtrails will turn deadly and more targetted to kill entire areas of populations, and when the veil is lifted and Satan is cast down to earth (Revelation 12) his armies will come with him and they will hunt down and target believers as they become beast enforcers of his mark, number, and name (Rev. 13:17).

     Even if you don't think you'll be here during that time you can leave protected areas for others to find. Placing orgone blasters near cell and other anomalous towers will help null their affects and strength against populations. Putting them in ditches, woods, bushes, even buried just underneath the surface anywhere will help the orgone to be able to absorb into the atmosphere around that area and protect it.

     Get active now and do something while you still can to help protect this country from NWO and Alien Invasion. If you haven't read my articles on the coming Alien Invasion or the Overthrow of America do so now:

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     The Lord has not left us defenseless in these last days. But it's up to us to use what He's shown us to use to combat the enemies and tactics against us. 

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     Let's get the word out!!