...seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end." Daniel 12:4



UFO's are MORE COMMON than people think..

Especially since the USA, CHINA, RUSSIA, GERMANY and then Actual ALIENS ALL HAVE THEM.
On any given day  the question is not, are there UFO's out there..but rather..Who owns the one I just saw?
The Bible Codes reveal a Russian UFO destroyed the Columbia Space Shuttle..after reading this article maybe it will make more sense to those out there of a possibility such as this even taking place.

A summary of 30 articles called: Fire From the Sky,  available on Steve Wingate's site


The writer, "The One who knows" claims that in Oct. 1977 a newly operational Russian UFO shot down Skylab, killing 5 US astronauts. Russian UFO's were built by Nazi scientists and technicians captured by Russians in 1946 in Eastern Germany. They had already gotten the anti-grav technology from a crashed Pleiadian UFO which crashed in germany in 1939. There was a very good coverup over Skylab and simulation was used to recreate life on

On Sept 23 1977, Russia began destroying US spy satellites, with their UFO's using killer satellites and then they destroyed the US secret moon base. On Sept. 29 1977 Russia launched the Salyut 6 manned space station into orbit.With her manned space weapons on UFO's, they removed American satellites and cut off shuttle info and by 1978, they had destoyed them all. By 1978 Russian UFO's numbered into hundreds. They were firing particle beams into the air over the Atlantic in defocused mode, causing loud booms.  The Russian UFO's hovering in the earth's electrostatic field, are invisible from an orbiting standpoint, shielded by a very sophisticated stealth shielding system. They aimed their particle beam weapons with a combination of infra red and detection radar. The Americans devised cobolt ionozation bombs, detonated at various locations in the upper atmosphere as high as possible, but below the hovering altitude of the Russian UFO's. The result was an emormous storm of electrons spreading horizontally, in the earth's magnetic field, passing under the Russian UFO.


Many different factions were/are at work with US, Russia and Israelinfluence to try to dominate the world politically. Initially the Bolsheviks (Zionists) were funded by the Rockefeller cartel in 1917 and after being kicked out by the Kremlin, flocked mostly to USA. By the last half of 1980, they began to regain power in Russia, so the decision was made to go ahead with the space shuttle mission.  The American Bolsheviks-Zionists operating from New York and Jerusalem planned a nuclear first strike against Russia.

The Americans knew the manned Russian UFO's would destroy the Columbia shuttle, but they had a satellite on board with a charged particle beam, ready for it. The American Bolsheviks hoped the shuttle would get enough targetting info to launch a first strike. It carried a satellite
capable of fighting back, which produced infra red radiation with 1 megawatt power. The pilots would launch secretly, release the satellite, then drop down to the Pacific the same day by space capsule. Fake pictures would show, though it was operated by NASA in Houston. Another shuttle would land in California.

There were still 3 more shuttles hidden. Synthetics or genetic replicas of the crew. (Clones were first created in the late 70's in USA) It was shot down, but with no satellites it could give no instant information for this.


Americans also had made ready ground based high power lasers to shoot down the Russian UFO's. The Russians had Psychoenergetic Range Finding, which detected the atomic signature of the target, so aimed accurately and a new anti-ballistic missile system. Russian physicists involved in magnetic and plasma physics were also said to have been able to develop a ground based proton beam weapon, between 1980 and 83.  By 1980/81 the Russians had built their 7 jumbo UFO's, using electromagentic propulsion and they used them to destroy the Columbia space shuttle, launched in April 1981. 5 Russian jumbo UFO's with special grappling equipment and 2 with neutron particle beam weapons, fired on the Columbia killing the crew. They intended making it land in Russia, but instead it blew up. US Bolsheviks sent a  3rd 'Columbia' up and this too was shot down by Russian UFO's. It has been armed for battle in space. A special airplane with it was also shot down by a charged particle beam. In 1981 the Russians shot down a US electronic warfare jet.

In 1982 Russia started weather engineering and artificial earthquakes. Russian UFO's hovering high over USA created air booms along the coasts and numbers multiplied. They were unseen and invisible to radar, except at close range. However the Americans invented Computer Enhanced Infra Red. By Jan. 1982 a ground based high power laser finally shot down a Russian UFO.

The pilots were under orders to never let them fall into non Russian hands. It plunged into the sea near Atlantic city.  The Pentagon was told it would pay  dearly if repeated. The next day an Air Florida Boeing 737 jetliner crashed with laser warfare specialists onboard. More unexplained crashes followed.


On June 27 1982 space shuttle no. 4 took off and moments later a jumbo UFO fired 2 quick blasts at the falling boosters. a warning. Next came the Aeroflot crash at Moscow and the Pan AM in LA on July 9 1982. On July 16 a United Airlines DC 10 took off from Boston with key members of the Bolshevik ruling group in USA. A blast from a Russian UFO made a huge shockwave, but it made it to LA. On July 22 a test flight of a Pershing missile was hit by a Russian UFO. So the Reagan-Begin axis of Bolsheviks and Zionists prepared the nuclear first strike against Russia. In 1982 a US stealth aircraft invisible to radar was made, with surrounding magnets creating an invisiblilty field. This 'phantom' was encased in an electomagnetic bubble.Light and radar both passed around the plane, joining again at the other side. They were also immune to lasers, which were intense light.  But the Russians had developed anti invisible shield technology.

 The Americans found a way to avoid Russian neutron beams, but the pilot couldn't see outside, he was only guided by computer. They expected an operational fleet by summer 1982. The Bolsheviks planned to sacrifice USA, in  this nuclear first strike against Russia. 4 out of 5 Americans would die. 40-50 million Americans may survive a nuclear blast, the rest dying of injuries or diseases. 

Russia would probably have 50 million deaths.


The Americans had PROMIS software, stolen from Inslaw, which allowed them to hack into secret computer data in software sold to other govts.  A backdoor program had been inserted to relay data to the program creators. The US Pentagon was then controlled by Bolsheviks, who formerly controlled Russia.

Their agent, Casper Weinberger. They were opposed to the Rockefeller cartel, whose agent was Alexander Haig. Neither the Rockefellers nor the Kremlin wanted nuclear war or they'd lose everything so formed a military

Russia had the capability of destroying by first strike, the majority of US ICBMs. Most of the US nuclear force was on German soil. Japan for the first time had ordered its armed forces to prepare defence plans to protect itself from foreign attack. Reagan based these 'first strike' phantom war planes which would attack Russia, (crashing unmanned in a kamakazi style) in N Norway, E Turkey and NW China. Reagan had cozied up to China to target several Russian UFO installations in central Siberia.  High powered lasers all over USA would shoot down avenging Russian UFO's. US, having no civil defence was not expected to survive, unlike Russia who built shelters. America would die a thousand Hiroshimas. US govt. war bunkers were at Camp David, Mt Weather, Pine Gap, China Lake and dozens of other locations.


In Feb. of 1982 3 main power factions struggled to dominate the world. 1. The Rockefeller cartel -big oil, big banking, big business. 2. The Bolshevik-Zionist axis -headquarters New York and Jerusalam. 3. The new rulers of Russia who had expelled most of the Bolsheviks formerly in power.

The US has been locked out of the military use of space from 1977-1981. Since Oct. 1977 the moon had been a Russian outpost.  They had 7 manned long range particle beam weapons on the rear and at least 1 large base on the far side. Their spaceships frequently shuffled back and forth. They planned to colonize the solar system and had settled on Venus , starting in 1975. In 1982 the Russians had sent 2 spaceships to Venus, while the US space shuttle was trying to become operative. Russian Viking ancestor urges were strong.


USA had to bring Russia to her knees economically. In Aug. 1982 another Russian UFO was shot down over NY city, but said to be an asteroid. The Carter admin had to strike Russian UFO bases, so dumped Taiwan and
announced full diplomatic relations with Peking, China. The revenge of shooting down both US and Russian planes continued. The Rockefeller cartel operatives within the CIA fed updates about the Pentagon war plans to the

There was a switch at the top in US. Boshevik operative Inman was forced out as deputy director of the CIA and replaced by Bolshevik-Zionist George Shultz as head of state.  Sept. 17 1982 had been the target date to
strike at Russia. But on Sept. 1 1982 China no longer allied itself with USA, with conciliatory language against Russia. Nixon had been cooperating with the Rockefeller cartel and had tried to fix things up with China, but they wanted no part of a nuclear war between USA and Russia. By Sept. 9 the Chinese base was shut down. Russian UFO's could not be destroyed, the Kremlin told Rockefeller channels that day. On Sept. 10 1982 the
Indian Ocean satellite launched from space shuttle no.4 was shot down by a Russian UFO. It had been linked to Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs. The Russians had left it there to shoot it in a surprise attack. Now USA could no longer attack Russia. The Russian UFO's had brain scrambling transmitters to confuse pilots. This ends this section of a summary of Fire in the Sky by "One Who Knows".


The Americans were confronted with technology, they couldn't counter so signed a non-interferrence treaty to get the technology to fight back. The Germans gave the USA their anti-grav technology after the war, when they came to America. Al says that when Apollo 11 landed on the moon, Americans already there, greeted them because they had anti-grav technology in the 70's by back engineering UFO's.  There must have been 2 different
factions developing space technology as the Bolsheviks were in charge of the space shuttles at Houston, which couldn't get off the ground, for being hit by Russian UFO's according to The Fire From the Sky articles.  But the Nazis, who came to USA after the war started work at Area 51 on anti-grav disks.
Originally there were 3 Nazi scientists in Germany developing flying disks. The specialists were Schriever, Habermohl and Miethe. It is believed after the war Habermohl fell into the hands of the Russians.  Miethe
developed at a later date similar flying disks at A V Roe and Co for USA, according to Robert Jungk who wrote this in 1956 in the book Brighter than a Thousand Suns. Werner von Braun went to USA to start the rocket program, his professor Herman Oberth was captured by Russia and the rest of the Nazi anti-grav scientists disappeared down to Antarctica where they had prepared a place to live for some time previously. (Or possibly to the moon.)
Linda Hunt of CNN told of 1,600 Nazi scientists, largely escaping the Nuremberg trials came to US under Operation Paperclip to develop the US space program.
Von Braun became the director of the Marshall Space Flight Centre, his brother joined him to work there. V-2 flight test director, Kurt Debus was a director of Kennedy Space centre in Florida. Arthur Ruldolf was project director of NASA's Saturn V rocket program, that took US to the moon.