Nibiru - Planet X - Ezekiel 41:11

by Sherry Shriner


Isaiah 14:9 "Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations.

 I thought it remarkable that the term Planet X would have the term Hell running straight beside it. Isaiah is talking about the entrance of the Antichrist onto the world scene. Will his entrance be marked with the entrance of Planet X at around the same time? Seems to be.


I first posted this code back in 2004, looking at the codes again for Nibiru-PX in 2011 I found some interesting matrixes such as:
Nibiru - Philistines-Abundance-Suspensory-Next


Nibiru is filled with "locust and Philistines" which are both terms for Giants and various sizes of them. They will cause much destruction, chaos, and death on earth.


Planet X - Planet - Star - Earth - Judgment - Yahweh - End Time - Hell (This Planet will be used by Yahweh to fulfill His judgments on mankind described in the Book of Revelation)
Earth - Pole - Shake - Upturned - Old Testament - Pentatuech - End Time (the arrival of this planet will disturb the solar system causing cataclysmic events and a shaking of the earth, possible pole shift)
NWO (New World Order) - Babylon - Mobilization - Doorway - Opening
NASA - Nuclear - Missile - Naval (does NASA try to destroy this planet)
Rebel - Attack - Authority - NASA (the inhabitants of this planet will attack the authority of NASA)
NASA - Bewildered - Furious - Infuriated (NASA is dumbfounded, not what they expected eh?)
Cruel - Interferer - Tyrannous - Inhabitant (this planet is carrying the backup armies of the Antichrist's, so much for the peace loving "want to help humanity" lies they've been believing from the aliens eh?)
When will our government stop playing the games and being played as fools by the Aliens? Will it be too late before they finally see this?
The destruction and fiasco caused by the coming of this planet will begin the full mobilization of the New World Order.
Once you see this planet arrive at earth - it's destination - the arrival and entrance of the Antichrist is closely following. I wonder if by then, the world will still be deceived enough (as they were by the inhabitants of Planet X claiming to be our peace loving creators) to hail him as god. Apparently, yes.
The Bible details horrible judgments and plagues, famines, earthquakes, wars, water contamination and much more to ensue the following years after the arrival of this planet and then subsequently the Antichrist.
Hailed as a Man of Peace, he will bring nothing but destruction and death.
Ancient Sumerians hailed Nibiru as "The Day of the Lord"


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