Pam Schuffert - Zechariah 11:8

Multiple - Personalities - Plural - Numerous - Many - Multiplicity - Broken - Fragmented - Ourselves, us - Procedure

Procedure - D.I.A. - Headmaster - Pawn (the code listed above and this one indicate that Pam has been under mind control and mind fragmentation procedures causing her to have multiple personality disorder (MPD). The D.I.A. is the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the ones who inflicted the procedure upon her).

Computer - Network - Net- Web - Falsify - Forge - Counterfeit - Yahweh - Lord - Jehovah - Menace - Fearful - Intimidation - Horrible - Duress - Gruesome

Maidservant - Servant - Satan - NWO - Horus - Religious - Facade - Appearance (one of her personalities is a religious personality, it's a facade, an appearance of being religious while she's really a servant of Horus and the NWO, i.e. Satan and helping him to fulfill his agenda. While she claims to be exposing his agenda, what she's really doing is giving him power by revealing his plans openly and when people fear these plans, he gets power from that fear. That's why they don't always work in the dark or hide their plans, they get more power when they are revealed to the public)


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