November 25th, Genesis 1:2

Future events have a 1 in 5 chance of happening. Let's pray against the forces of evil behind the agenda to assassinate our president!

Assassination - Babylon - President - G.W. Bush - Gunfire - Will Die - Delayed

This code has alot of the same terms I found when the Columbia was shot down by a Scaler weapon. The same countries came up in this code that came up in that one. This code indicates a scalar weapon attack on a building, and then also indicates the assassination of the president. I don't know if these events are connected or separate events that could happen on the same day. I do not know based on this if it's the Congress/Capital building of D.C. or another state's assembly/capital building.

Congress - Capital - Burnt - Building -  China - Iran - Russia - Beam (scalar) - Missile 

Building - Burnt - Congress , Assembly or Conference - Missile - Murder - G.W. Bush

when I went to sleep last night (Nov. 26th) Yahweh told me when I woke up to take another look at this code..and this is what He led me to..

Unmasked - Revealed - Delayed - Postponement - Anger - Resentment - Exasperation!!