Genesis 1:2

A New Age Term for Planet X, Nibiru, Rahab,
and another name for Satan himself.


Nibiru - Rahab

It doesn't show up in these codes as an orb, star, planet, or luminary, it shows up as an Ark.

Ark - Orange Colored - South

It will come from the South, as I've previously stated about
planet X in other codes, and it will then head east..

Emerging - Ark - South

Sherry - Shriner - General - Prophet - Watchman - Analysis

This Ark, AKA Nibiru is probably crystal city, see which was built by Satan

Satan - Founder - Builder -  Perdition - Destruction

This Ark is the home of the fallen, AKA Aliens, Jedi, Locusts, Iron, etc..

Jedi - Home - Dwelling - Ark - Satan