Mahmoud Abbas - Genesis 50:19

a contender for "Mabus"??

recently elected as Prime Minister of the Palestinians/Philistines

Nostradamous predicted a Mabus to come and great war, he then warned of a comet to hit the earth after this guy rises to power.

one of many afflicted with chips-implants from "aliens"...and you thought all that was just fiction..course it could just mean he accepts the mark of the Antichrist, or is afflicted by a chip from a vaccination.

Nuclear Annihilation of the Palestinians

Nuclear Annihilation comes from the West, from Babylon

who is Babylon? Other terms that refer to Babylon are Manesseh, daughter, and the USA. The term Ephraim shows up but isn't very close to or crossing the main term. Probably an ally, but Manasseh causes the nuclear destruction.