Javier Solana
Genesis 14:18


     Horus is another name for Antichrist. Gecko is a Lizard, Reptilian.  Just because the terms cross his name doesn't necessarily mean he is either one of those things. More relevant terms would be needed to prove it either way. Further below it shows his death and return with Horus and Gecko in the same area with all terms relevant to each other.

Horus  - Gecko

Rome and Destroyer also cross right through his name.

Alibi - Gecko - Rome - Destroyer

Death - Gecko - Return
(Horus is in the same area as well) Does he return as Horus?

Germination is possession...Locust is another name for Aliens..Anuk is short for Annunaki the fallen angels.

Alibi - Gecko - Rome - Destroyer
Vatican - Germination - Locust - Anuk

     I didn't find the terms in this particular code I would expect for an Antichrist type code. Terms like Satan-Incarnate-Indwelling, just weren't in this particular code. But terms like return, death, Horus are very interesting and shouldn't be ignored.

He is a solo beast, and working with/for Rome..

Soloist - Apostate - Lord - Beast



This code listed below has nothing to do with Javier Solana, but I find it interesting that it comes up because of Rome..Javier is a puppet of Rome's..just as Saul-Paul-Satan was..I have said it many times..Saul-Paul infiltrated the church to destroy the true teachings of Jesus and His Apostles. Look around you at the churches today, very effective. He did his job. How many celebrate Easter instead of Passover? Enough said..enjoy the bunny..I'll take the Most High.

Rome - Saul - Paul -  Operative - Ambusher - Bride - Word of God

      Another ambush by Rome, the story of the Garden of Eden and how it translates in our Bible..read my article on the Serpent Seedline http://www.hiddencodes.com/sherry/serpent-seedline.htm and find out what really happened in the Garden of Eden. Why do people take "apple" literal in Gen. chapter three and then a few verses later in the same chapter refuse to take "seed..offspring" literal?  Rome ambushing to keep you in the dark..


apple - tree - Eden (Garden of Eden) - faulty - depiction - portrayal - falsehood - lie