T. D. Jakes - Genesis  17:14

Snake - Blasphemous - Desecrator - Fraudulent - Phony - Fake - Embezzlement - Fraud - Underworld

Idol-Worship - Schizophrenia - Seducer - Footing - Abomination - Repulsion - Ruination - Hoodlum - Demonic - Possession - Molech

Venus - UFO - Transducer - Column - Faction - Group - Clannish - Reptile - Sorcerer - Witchcraft

Money - Embezzlement - Financing - Faction - Group - Column - Operative - Reptile - Pastor - Alibi 


What's the Fifth Column? Here in the USA it's referred to as the Shadow Government. A group of Satan loving blood drinking shape-shifters who are working hand in hand with Lucifer himself to dominate and control the world through the establishment of a one world government. They control the money and the governments around the world. Their purpose is to establish, implement and then herald the coming of the their leader, the Antichrist (Satan) to world power.

The Fifth Column is worldwide without respect to nations, borders, or race.  Many (most) of the world's wealthy and powerful, including the illuminati bloodline families (Bush's, England's royal family etc.)  are active participants in taking over the world for the Antichrist and establishing his global rule here on earth.

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Stop giving these Charlatans your money!! Stop supporting them! Do you realize the biggest supporters of our own destruction are ourselves?

These men who claim they are of God and are not, are taking your tithes and offerings to finance the infrastructures necessary to begin a holocaust of Christians in this nation!

If you are sending money to these Charlatan TV Preachers YOU are helping FINANCE the Antichrist's WAR ON THE SAINTS by supporting these people! Wake Up!!