H1N1 Vaccine

Decoded by Sherry Shriner


This is one of the hardest codes I've had to decode. It's heartbreaking to see that so many people will learn to late "hindsight" that the H1N1 is a fraud, just a charade between Obama and the Maitreya shiekh to murder people. They will bring out the 'gallows' as judgment against those who refuse it, it's a route they can and will probably take folks...

One of the most dominant things I keep seeing in H1N1 and RFID codes is that Obama and Maitreya are in collusion TOGETHER to implement it. Maitreya....the coming "world teacher" and "Savior of Mankind" working furiously behind the scenes to KILL and DESTROY mankind. Don't believe a word he says folks, he's a liar, a Leviathon, a SNAKE and SERPENT...the Antichrist....

The term "shiekh" comes up over 61 times in this code..Obama came up 8 times and Maitreya came up 8 times.


H1N1 Vaccine - Gallows - Law - Judgment - Murder - Nation - People - Lament - Hindsight - Obama - Maitreya - Shiekh - Leviathon - Snake - Serpent - Launching

H1N1 Vaccination - Fraud - Deceit

H1N1 Vaccination - Fraud - Deceit - Hindsight


H1N1 Vaccination  - Deceit - Fraud - Hindsight - Nation - People - Lament - Weep - Cry - Mourn - Wail - Murder

H1N1 Vaccination  - Deceit - Fraud - Hindsight - Nation - People - Lament - Weep - Cry - Mourn - Wail - Murder
River - Loaded - Dead Bodies - Serpent - Murder - (people) Wail - Lament


On the right side you will see : Collusion - Communication - Relationship - Contact - Maitreya - Obama

Crossing the Main Term you will see Collusion - Communication - Relationship - Contact - Serpent - Leviathon

They Are Working Together Folks!

Don't let "them" Get Away With this folks!!!!!!! Don't be a part of those in the "hindsight" crowd...that means they realize too late what's going on!!!!!!

Protect yourself from these scoundrels, do NOT listen to them! Do NOT Get their Vaccination or Swine Flu nasal spray! Warn Others!!!


H1N1 Vaccination = Riotous - Prophet - Sherry Shriner (Ohio) -  Labor - Report - Poison - Right - (Ohio comes up 17 times in this code)


Fiction or Fact? Look what 'they' are revealing in the latest movie "Gamer"


What Are They Revealing Now?

By Sherry Shriner



In the movie Gamer people were injected with a vaccine or chemical shot of some kind that took over their brains. The chemical that took over their brain cells had an IP address and by a touch of a computer screen they could control these people.
In the movie (and coming in real life no doubt) these people were controlled in a game scenario, they had no control of themselves, whoever was 'handling' them, such as the "player" did.  In the 'game' the handlers/players never died or dies but the 'characters' i.e. people did.
Think about it folks, people take a vaccine, unbeknownst to them it contains a chemical that allows them to be controlled by someone else. Whoever is controlling them can use/force them to do anything they want and the controlled people can't stop it..they lose control of their own brains and bodies.
They can be used/abused to do anything the controller wants them to do even if it causes their deaths.
And all by a computer screen probably hundreds or thousands of miles away.
They will sit in their underground bunkers and control the humans on earth by the touch of a computer screen!
Not to hard to imagine is it...especially when I often see the terms "game" and "chemical" in the codes.



See the Codes on RFID Bracelet  http://www.hiddencodes.com/rfid.htm

Bracelet = Hand

Nasal Spray = Forehead! It goes into your sinuses in your forehead!

Don't be fooled folks!!

Revelation 13: 16, 17 = in or on the right hand or forehead!! 666

Don't think it's possible?


Chip - Forehead = H1N1 - on the right side it says Nasal - Mist


Say NO to the H1N1 Vaccine, Nasal Spray, AND the RFID Bracelet!!

Maitreya is in cohoots with Obama to enforce the H1N1 Vaccine on the people AND the RFID Bracelet....why? To Mass Murder them! And if this is the 666 warning of Rev. 13 taking place, to steal their souls!!  We are commanded to WATCH and PRAY about end time events, be watchful folks and pray about them!! We are to Obey God rather than Man!! DO NOT GET VACCINES OR THIS RFID BRACELET!!

Google the UN's Agenda 21 Program....a Program to DEPOPULATE THE EARTH!  They are working together folks!

The Pale Horse will accomplish his plagues via vaccines and shots of all kinds....stay AWAY from them folks!

We MUST Obey GOD rather than man and alien wannabe messiah Maitreya!  Watch for his sidekick "Jesus" i.e. Sananda to fool the Christians and mimic himself as the Son of God to the churches!


Watch this Video - Deadly Vaccines


Say NO To The Swine Flu Vaccine - Print this one page flyer off and Pass it Around folks!! I took a bit of info from several emails and websites and put it together, I'm sure they won't mind!

Or, Download the Word doc to print



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Comprehending VeriChipís Swine Flu Chip