EUROCLYDON - Genesis 16:2

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Earthquake - Prophet - Deceitful - Planted - Fraud - Elevates - Cheated - Deceived - Fooled - Satan


Original Revelation

Vincent Xavier
Did I not say that Euroclydon is coming? Have I not warned the people? Do you yet take lightly the warnings of my Prophets of truth? Isabel is the beginning of sorrows for America! She is but the forerunner of major natural disasters that will strike the United States of America! Why? My protection has departed! I have lifted my hand from around your Country and you will reap what you have sown. I have warned for many years, even for an entire generation! Since 1963 I have blown the trumpet through my prophets concerning Americas demise. I have seen the storm come and I have called out to the leaders of America and today they shake the fist at me.
Arrogance! I witness against you this day, oh great nation, that your sorrows have just begun. The ground beneath your feet will shake violently, for you have opened the seals of destruction. America has crossed the line and there will be no returning for her. I have spoken it, I have said it, and still the people will not take heed. I have said that you cannot curse what I have blessed and in the same way I tell you that you cannot bless what I have cursed! Did I not say that IF you would obey me, and KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS, that I would bless you? Indeed! Yet you have forsaken the way of truth and have gone to worship other gods. You have removed my words from before you and have cast them over your shoulders out of your view. You said in your heart, “I WILL NOT HAVE THIS JESUS TO RULE OVER ME” And now I tell you that I will mock you when your calamity comes! I will laugh you to scorn and when you cry out to me I will not listen! You have adopted the ways of the heathen and you will now pay the price for doing so. I have unsheathed my Sword and it will sweep through the land with the force and power of DEVASTATION! Oh you say, here is the gloom and doom again! Yet I say unto you that you have not taken heed to my words! I have a contention with the nations! I am coming to undo all that has afflicted and kept in bondage my people! Have you not known that I have a love, an everlasting love for those who are mine? I am coming out to contend with the world, its systems, its governments, its economy, its entertainment, its sport. Its façade! How the nations have mocked me and have held my word in derision! How the unrepentant and unregenerate have withstood my words and have hated me! Your judges are nothing! Your prices are fools! Your whole nation has become a habitation of ancient devils! The cage is open and the depths of hell have released its hideous darkness. Out of the darkness shall come forth pestilence! Sickness and disease shall sweep the land. Infectious diseases will spread in a moment, and will be stronger than what you have known before. You laugh at me as though I was a man and yet you do not know that I AM GOD and there is no other! I AM, and I will have my way and I will not relent until I have accomplished my will! I have reserved the earth that now is for fire! Oh how you hate to hear these words because they provoke fear in you and hatred and anger! Yet I have said it in my word that the nations are angry! They hate me for the pain they experience! I have kept the multitudes that go to your churches under a covering, but this covering too is being lifted for I have spoken to a people who cannot hear! They have eyes but do not see! Hypocrites!
You discern the sky but will not discern the signs! A lukewarm church exists in America. She is the harlot who has sold herself for a piece of bread, her people are the congregation of the dead and not the living. The people come to your churches, and love to hear your song, they listen to you preach but they will not do what they are told! These are liars and pretenders who will be spewed out of my mouth!
There is my Remnant! My shining stars who will shine forth throughout all eternity for they have not received the mark of the beast! These are the righteous ones who have wisdom and knowledge. Oh my shinning stars, my sons and daughters who have loved me with all your hearts, souls, minds and strength! What great things I have prepared for you! Even things that eye has not seen, nor ear has heard, but you know of them, deep in your hearts you know that the best is yet to come. You know that you will march through the earth as an indestructible priesthood having power to throw down the powers of darkness. Yes, you shall come face to face with wicked spirits and you will overcome them and see the weakness of these defeated foes. Great giants will come up out from the underworld and will contend with you but to no avail! They shall fall and be led away into everlasting destruction! You shall execute the judgment that I have pronounced! You shall cut asunder the bars of bondage and break loose the waters of life! You shall undo all that afflicts those who have been appointed to life and you shall shine forth the glorious countenance of my presence! I will spare you! I will be with you! Fear not! The day of vengeance has come! The day of wrath has come! The day of slaughter has come! Yet, I will lead you my beloved by the streams of life. Honor me and trust me in this hour and you will know my peace that passes all understanding! Again, I have warned that EUROCLYDON comes. It is near, a storm that will pulverize your borders America! You have sown the wind, now you shall reap the whirlwind.
Your earth will quake on the West! California! EARTHQUAKE! Your time of visitation has come. Be ready!
Church In America, Be ready! Intercessors Be ready! These things that are coming to pass are a result of the transition that is taking place universally! All nations are passing under the rod of my judgment. The dawning of a NEW DAY is near! The end of the old is being accomplished!