Why I Won't Post an Election Result Code
by Sherry Shriner

     It has probably been one of the most stressful and yet for some, most exciting times of the year. The Elections. Many have anticipated martial law, nuke strikes, scams and mayhem for this year's election.

      I never felt led by the Most High to get into the codes or post publicly any findings from the codes on the election. Why?

      Because the codes don't work that way.

       For every amateur out there declaring they found a code declaring Kerry the winner, I can show him 10 codes that Bush is the winner. And vice versa. Yes I've looked at them. But I already know all too well that you can't use the Bible Codes to find one event or result in the future and say this IS GOING to happen.

       The Bible Codes are the Most High's records. And in them is recorded every thought, deed, action of mankind. Every person who has ever been born can be found in the records.

        Our future is not set in stone. We know certain prophecies and events ARE set in stone, but the actions we take vary daily. What happens in our future depends on the actions we take today. Everything is a cause and affect. And if you've been reading my website ( this is something I have always indicated.

        There is more than one path to our future. Yes God ultimately knows what will happen and which path we will take, but He is not going to reveal it in His records or at least He isn't doing so now. He will show multiple things that could happen and ask that something in particular be revealed or exposed for whatever reason, but there's always multiple paths and just because we find the cause-affect of one path, there's four others to consider at the same time. Which one will be taken out of the five? We won't know until it already happens.

       He has done this for a reason and they are His records so until He blocks all routes but one to any future event then it's obvious He's not going to reveal the only outcome possible.

        And that is why I won't even bother with the elections. I can give you a Kerry winning code, or a Bush winning code, or a both are assassinated code and there is no election.

        The Lord has not led me in a specific direction or spoken to me about the elections. There is more than one possible outcome, so He hasn't closed the doors on other possibilities leaving only one, which means He's not going to reveal the only outcome, a sole winner or whatever happens. He's not revealing it. The other decoders simply haven't done their homework if they are declaring they found one winner.

        It may be an unpopular stand to take, but I stand in Him. And until the Most High tells me specifically to do something I'm not going to do it. So as far as the elections go I will not be posting a code.

       Be at peace.

       Sherry Shriner,