Dark Star
Genesis 1:5


Sign - Signal -  Satan - Enki - Coming - Arrival


This Dark Star is a Second Sun manifesting. Satan's Philistines and Enki cross right through it, which are scum inhabiting the planet. Philistines is another term for Aliens or fallen angels.

Second - Sun

Philistines - Scum - Manifestation

     This Dark Star is an encampment for Satan's army. The code indicates this is yet another home/planet/orb/star of Satan who is designated as "God", but he is a horned, hideous, adulterer. Does this star mark the coming appearance of the Antichrist? As seen above, yes.

Title - Designation - Lord - Yahweh - Hideous - Adulterer - Horned - Appearance -

Army - Encampment


Deliver - Courier - Philistines - Enki

as it gets closer its arrival will afflict the earth..

Bright - Brightness - Advent - Coming - Arrival - Star - Planet

Futile - Absurd -

Affliction - Manifestation - Earth