Da Vinci Code - Exodus 16:6


Blasphemous - Word of God - Apostate - Evil - Wickedness - Wrong - Defiling




Other Terms Associated including but not limited to:  NWO - Planted - Programming



The Davinci code is blasphemous against the Word of God, wicked, defiling, and an Illuminati agenda to deny the cross and resurrection of Yahushuah our Messiah (Jesus Christ).

By introducing the "Jesus married and had kids" doctrine, they seek to deny He died on the Cross and arose from the grave. Yahushua began His ministry at 30 years of age and died at 33 years of age. He never married or had children. This blasphemy is just a small part of what is probably coming from the Illuminati, New Age, and Antichrist himself as they seek to discredit Yah's birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection.

It's Blasphemy against Him and the Most High God.



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