...seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end." Daniel 12:4


Columbia Space Shuttle


These are a couple of the graphics for the Hidden Bible Code for the Columbia Space Shuttle. These show a few of the terms associated with it, the code itself reveals the following:

murder - assassination - homicide

incident - accident

rocket - missile - projectile



struck - blow - bang

apparatus - instrument

rocket - missile - projectile

UFO - beam - shot - fire- shooting -


 malfunction  - defect

victim - kill- prey

chart - plan

terror -fear - panic - fright - horror



did a UFO shoot down the Columbia Space Shuttle?

following terms in Hebrew = shooting, fire, beam, UFO, shot, girder

this graphic below shows the terms, king, Assyria, UFO, notice how they cross through each other...doesn't get any plainer than day...Russia blew up the Columbia.


the below graphic are the terms in Hebrew which translate - Judgment, act, of , Yahweh - His will accomplished through the Russians.