Apostle Paul - Genesis 3:3

This is Apostle Paul, not "Saul", this is after his so-called conversion.

 The Lord led me back to the codes on Paul again on February 15, 2004. My first initial findings were on him in 2003. I have been praying over the last several months that I was not being deceived in any way to falsely be attacking a brother. Yahweh has confirmed many times Paul is and was NOT a brother. Now I'll stop bugging Him in worry, THERE IS JUST NO DOUBT.

The Hidden Codes of the Bible don't reveal Paul is a deceiver, Paul's own Gospel does, as well as his own words. The Codes just confirm it.

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Those who opposed Paul, followed Jesus!

 Led by James and Peter, the early church rejected Paul as a fraud.

 Paul built his own following preaching ANOTHER Gospel. In contrast to the truth he abolished the law and called it a curse (when Jesus came to fulfill it) and Paul replaced it with a distorted perception of grace, he replaced works with laziness and no fruit, and he replaced a life of faith and works with a 30 second salvation prayer and a false sense of eternal security. He gave a license to sin mentality and encouraged discrimination. God does not discriminate! How can you learn to hear His voice and follow Him if all you need to do is say a 30 second prayer of salvation? Yes, Salvation is mandatory, but it's not the end to the means. It's only the beginning! If you want to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven (later) then you must learn to live in it now! The Kingdom of God is within us!

When's the first/last time Yahweh ever quoted or led you to a Scripture of Paul's?


Kinsman - Remnant - Numb - Shocked - Overpowering - Shocking - Paul - Revulsion - Distraction - Enemy - Foe

Yahweh - Lord - Enmity - Hatred - Hostility - Hate - Enemy - Archenemy - Disloyalty - Fraud - Superior - Over

Conversion - Deceitful - Phony - Fake - Fraudulent - Deceive - Following - Satan

Distort - Disrupt - Garble - Perverted - Deformed - Distortion - Deformity - Abuse - Distract - Revulsion - Distraction - Jesus - Lord - Yahweh

The terms revulsion-distraction cross his name

Caretaker - Servant - Following - Serve - Service - Beast - Satan

Abominate - Detest - Desecrater - Ambusher - Contamination - Disrupt - Distort - Sharing - Division - Errant - Bad - Evil - Wickedness - Libel - Iniquity - Teaching - Doctrine - Dispensation

Jesus - Peter - James - Hatred - Hostility - Hate - Animosity - Hateful - Hated


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The Lord said this to me,

Sherry, My Beloved,

There are many who claim my Name that are NOT of ME. Yes, I will expose their lies, deceit, and hypocrises. I will use you as MY mouthpiece and I will reveal many things to you. Yeah, thus saith the Lord I am the Lord your God and I will lead you to fulfill MY purposes.

Many will not believe. But if they seek ME I will bring them to the truth as it is in ME and no one else. Beside ME, there is no other. Man places others beside ME that are not of ME. This Will Stop. This will be exposed. In this day truth will shine forth and MY Light will pierce even the darkest places. Yea, evil can not stand in the presence of MY Light.

Show them, tell them what I reveal to you my good and faithful servant. Abide in ME as your Fortress. I am the LORD, THE MOST HIGH GOD. I love you.


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