Thursday, January 10, 2008


I mentioned during my last radio show that I had been seeing Alabama showing up in the codes.

It's really quite disturbing when you consider the terms used:

Alabama-rock-boulder-people-will die-hunted-persecuted -panic-county-town-Eden-base-bang-shock-arrival-apostate-bride -plague -disaster

This could mean various things, and so I'll throw a few interpretations out there from what I can see:

Peru and Alabama are both mentioned together, along with China. Is China responsible for the 'space debris' that hit Peru and made people sick? I really don't think it was a satellite as we know them to be, in the codes a 'satellite' can be a huge rock, moon, luminary. And something about it hitting the earth is making people sick and will and can kill them because of the plague (sickness) associated with it falling onto the earth. Or perhaps China is going to be a victim of the same thing as Peru and Alabama.

I think we're viewing high tech weapons we don't even know exist if the first thought is the case. The capability via man made weapons to hurl space debris onto the earth...interesting but deadly as it describes a "plague-disaster."

Whatever hit Peru is going to hit Alabama. And perhaps China.

Another interesting thing is the 'arrival of the apostate bride.' Is this event in Alabama triggered as a result of the arrival of Satan's mouthpieces arriving on earth masquerading as messiahs and angelic hosts? Satan has his own "bride" and they are "apostate" fallen angels posing as heavenly hosts. And they are coming SOON.

Particular disturbing are the terms "panic-hunted-persecuted. "

We know when Satan's henchmen arrive on earth the persecution of the saints and church follows shortly after under the guise of various political reasons and Bible prophecy implemented via martial law and disasters orchestrated in America.

And then perhaps Hollywood comes alive, particularly in regards to looking at the picture in a different way, a huge rock from space falls in Eden, Alabama or near a base of some kind in Alabama, all of a sudden the people are in a panic because they are being hunted and persecuted....by what?? Does the mini-series Invasion come to mind??

All I know is it hasn't hit yet, so we have time to get ORGONE in Eden, Alabama and around any naval or military bases in Alabama. Notice the dual usage of the term "base-Eden"..it can be referring to either the particular town of Eden, Alabama or a military or naval base in Alabama.

We need people to stand up and get Orgone in St. Clair County Alabama which Eden is located in. Orgone will save and protect the people from evil beings from hell that could be hunting and persecuting them.

Time to get busy folks http://www.orgoneblasters.com or http://www.orgoneblasters.com/make-your-own.htm

Yah bless His Warriors,